S01E01 – Louis Tripp Interview (The Gate)

TONIGHT’S EPISODE; Louis Tripp from The Gate (1987) film, also its sequel; The Gate 2 Trespassers (1990) headlines the main event of the show as KidCrusher discusses Loui’s movie career, his music (X.A.O.S) as well as a collaboration between them two. The possibility of The Gate 3 and an update on The Gate reboot with Alex Winter – topped off with a bucket load of creepypasta and fan questions as we pick a part history of the making of The Gate! SUBSCRIBE as THE AVD from Red Method / The Defiled, will be featuring on the next episode!

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The Gate is a 1987 supernatural horror film directed by Tibor Tak√°cs and starring Stephen Dorff in his film debut. The film follows two young boys who accidentally release a horde of demons from their backyard through a large hole in the ground. An international co-production between Canada and the United States, the film was released by the New Century Vista Film Company and grossed around twice its budget. Since its release, it has obtained a cult following and was followed by a sequel in 1990 titled The Gate II: Trespassers.