S01E02 – The AVD (The Defiled / Red Method)


London’s own; The AvD from Red Method / The Defiled, joins us Live from Greece. We cover the rise and fall of The Defiled, Performing on a moving iceberg in Greenland for the Guinness book of Records. His Australian Adventures for the Soundwave Festival, Jagermeister, Future plans for Red Method, The Backstreet Boys, Movies and a possible Defiled Reunion with new and unreleased music!

KidCrusher also touches base on his upcoming single “Sacrifice” with Louis Tripp with a sneak peak at the Music Video. He also talks about an upcoming side project for November, upcoming live events and more!

Subscribe as Todd Hansen from King Parrot / The Berzerker will be joining us on the November episode of The Drain! Other special guests for this episode include; Tony from Enwrathed, Jesse from Darkcell, Purple Johnson Blimp Situation, Jack from Christ Dismembered, Jinzx and Freakface.