Upcoming Podcasts!

November’s Edition of The Drain will feature Todd Hansen (King Parrot / The Berzerker) and will have an Exclusive Announcement from KidCrusher regarding his new album!

December will feature Daniel Armstrong (Strongman Pictures) who produces KidCrusher’s music videos. They will talk about behind the scenes and making of the majority of their projects, future ideas and more!

January will be the Australia Day Edition of The Drain and featuring a Backyard Wrestling Special – with a surprise guest host, flicking through the history of KidCrusher’s old BYW group “XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault” showcasing some best moments with commentary, ALSO a LIVE TITLE MATCH for the XBA Championship, which hasn’t been defended since 2005! – The event is said to also feature a Live Band, to be confirmed!

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