“Red Method” release A Nightmare before Christmas!

Feeling festive? Not so fast… Red Method drop a Halloween offering which is their first single (Cycle Of Violence) from their up and coming “ReWorks album of their debut For the Sick released earlier this year.

This is what the guys had to say about it:

Alex (programmer/keyboardist) and I have always had a connection when it comes to the industrial side of things, we always spoke about doing a side project more electronic based and this is our first stab at it… I think it’s come out well and we can’t wait for people to hear it, not only that but we will be showcasing two completely original tracks on the album too.  (Says Jeremy, lead singer).

Doing this was always on the cards (continues Alex, electronics mad man) We are always looking for new ways to express ourselves and re-interpreting our songs is just a natural progression for us.  It is always fun to imagine how your music would sound played on an acoustic, a piano or the style of a horror movie.

The song is about the perpetuation of the behaviours learned at home be that abuse or violence and the subject mater lends its self to a horror style ReWork.  This is our present to everyone that has supported us through these insane times… life is uneasy right now and so is this release.

Catch Red Method Live nowhere… till further notice. 

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